MedStudy’s Integrated
Board-Prep System: How It Works

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Why do so many medical educators, program directors, and other physicians recommend MedStudy? Because it’s logical, practical, organized—and it works. The components of MedStudy’s board review system are designed to work both individually and in concert with one another:

The Core Curriculum
The foundation of our board-prep system, the Core Curriculum provides comprehensive board-focused knowledge, communicated in clear, understandable, jargon-free language.

Pediatrics Flash Cards
Our flash cards allow you to sharpen your memory of board-focused pediatrics quick facts so you have all the pieces in place for board-style Q&As.

Board-Style Q&As
Essential practice for your exam, MedStudy board-style Q&As are realistic examples of the type of questions you’ll encounter on the Boards.

Live Course
MedStudy live Pediatrics Board Review Course provides comprehensive coverage of board-focused knowledge, presented by national experts in a distraction-free environment.

Video Board Review
Our Video Board Review of Pediatrics let you to play and replay the same comprehensive board-focused content as our live courses, and view it where and when you choose.

What Does Our Flower Graphic Mean?

Call It “Flower Power”!

Our flower-shaped graphic best represents how MedStudy’s products work together. The Core forms the center, representing a firm foundation of board-focused knowledge. The petals represent resources that build upon and complement the Core, providing unique benefits for a well-rounded study/review program to prepare for your board exam. Choose the resources that best meet your budget, your study style, and your schedule!

What customers say about the MedStudy system:

“I think nearly everyone would pass the Boards if they would read every word in the Core Curriculum, do all the questions in the Q&A, review the flash cards twice, and then read the Core Curriculum a second time. I think each of these pieces augments the others.
—Jessie Lee Copeland, Jr., MD

“The books and course solidified my knowledge base and identified gaps. Most helpful though were the Q&A practice tests—they clinched passing the exam. These are the only resources I needed to pass the Boards and recert exams with ease. You guys have got the formula right.
—Nibedita (Nita) Mohanty, MD

“I would recommend all of the materials I used. They all hammered in important points to remember for the Boards and complemented each other.
—Gail K. Farrar, MD

“At the end of my time studying, I used the question banks and the flash cards to solidify. I went into the exam prep and the exam with the determination that failure was not an option. Thanks to the use of the MedStudy materials, all of them, I was able to maintain that mindset.
—Brande Harris, DO

“MedStudy provided me with the knowledge and tools to successfully pass the exam by a wide margin!!! The live course solidified what I had reviewed in the Core Curriculum books and the Q&As brought it all together. If you take the necessary time to prepare, you are guaranteed to pass using these methods!
—Kyon Hood, MD

“I attended the MedStudy course in Dallas, TX. I also used the Core Curriculum and board-style question books. Each material helped me prepare for the Boards. I used the Core Curriculum prior to the course, along with the personal trainer e-mails. After the course, I studied using the course syllabus and used the board-style questions for self-assessment. It worked!!!”
—Sylvia Washington, MD, FAAP