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MedStudy provides internal medicine resources to support your medical career from residency to American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) certification and recertification, with products that help you study for your board exam and earn CME credit and MOC points along the way. Our internal medicine learning tools are formatted in print and digital versions, with streaming and mobile app options now available that allow you to customize a learning program specific to your unique needs.

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Insure your board prep with our 100% money-back guarantee!

Use the logical, practical, organized system that’s guaranteed to help you pass your ABIM or AOBIM exam. The components of MedStudy’s board prep system work in concert with one another for a complete, well-rounded review that guarantees results.

Package includes Core Curriculum, Audio Companion App, Core Scripts® Flash Cards, and Board-Style Q&A Premium, with the option of including one of our live board prep courses or Video Board Reviews.


Core Curriculum

Own the most success-proven and accessible internal medicine board review available. Over 780 pages of clear, logically organized writing, including 13 specialties/subspecialties appearing on the ABIM exam. Commentary, mnemonics, self-quizzes, text highlighting, charts, tables, plus 52-page StudyWise guide! Available in print or digital format.

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Audio Companion to Core Curriculum

Audio Companion to the Core Curriculum

Listen to the Core Curriculum with online, streaming audio! Informative, guided readings by 12 internal medicine specialists providing unique insights into each topic appearing on your ABIM exam.

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Core Scripts Flash Cards

Core Scripts Flash Cards
Sharpen memory of the classic illness presentations you’ll need to know on ABIM exam day. Different from Q&As, Core Scripts test your diagnostic knowledge by providing you with complete patient problem lists and the correct diagnosis on the reverse.

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Board-Style Q&A Premium
Practice for your internal medicine board exam with more than 1,690 online board-style questions and answers. Use Board-Style Q&A Premium on your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, Kindle, or smartphone. Features include customizable practice tests, a running report card, and a realistic board-style exam. Q&As also available in books.

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Live Courses

Attend a live board review for in-depth coverage of every topic likely to appear on your ABIM board exam. Choose from certification or recertification course. And now, every MedStudy board review course comes with a money-back pass guarantee!*


$1,249 for medical residents and fellows. Call 800-841-0547 for details.

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Video Board Reviews

Choose between Certification or Recertification in either DVD or online streaming formats. Includes a pass guarantee!

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An integrated learning system

The components of MedStudy’s system are designed to work individually and in concert to provide a complete package for your learning needs. Starting with the Core Curriculum as a base of knowledge, we include self-testing options such as flash cards and Q&As to help you move information from short-term into long-term memory. In addition, our courses and videos allow you to learn in the context of expert, dynamic lecture experiences.

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How does MedStudy help me with:

  • Initial Certification. Learn how to successfully pass your board certification requirements with our synergistic board-prep study resources.
  • Recertification. Getting recertified can sometimes be as difficult as the first time you passed. Our Maintenance of Certification (MOC) learning tools will prepare you thoroughly.
  • 1st & 2nd Year Residency. Get more out of your 1st and 2nd year training with MedStudy’s unique residency resources.
  • Program Direction. Our internal medicine career resources help residents absorb and retain medical knowledge for improved inservice scores and clinical skills.
  • Earning CME. Our unique learning program provides multiple opportunities to earn CME credits and MOC points.
Heart Sounds

This dynamic, mobile-ready online application helps you learn and remember the most important heart sounds, including major valvular disorders and the cardiac cycle. Anatomy cutaways, phonocardiograms, animations, sound quiz, listening instructions, and buttons to manipulate the sounds.

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Skin Signs

This mobile-ready online program helps you learn essential physical exam skills for dermatology. Featuring over 300 images of dermatologic abnormalities, image quiz, bookmark and notes capability, mouseover animations, and memory-enhancing “Think” text that emphasizes key facts.

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