Learn to Diagnose and Treat Dermatologic Abnormalities

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This memory-enhancing online program will help you master a multitude of dermatologic abnormalities. You’ll view over 300 images and read details on each abnormality, including diagnosis and treatment. Want to improve your recognition of various conditions and syndromes? Test yourself with our Skin Signs image quiz and you’ll reinforce identification and treatment.


MedStudySkin Signs Pityriasis

Focus your attention on distinguishing characteristics with these illustrative animations.

Take note

MedStudy Skin Signs Notes

You can keep track of impressions and flag topics for review with notes and bookmarks


MedStudy Skin Signs Image Quiz

Our image quiz will help you strengthen your recall of over 160 dermatologic diagnoses.


MedStudy Skin Signs Think Summary

Learn to summarize each abnormality in a few words with our helpful “Think” text.

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MedStudy Skin Signs™

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Topics Include:

Drug reactions
Herpes simplex infections
Malassezia infections
Neisseria infections
Skin cancers
Soft tissue infections
Tinea infections
Varicella infections
And more!

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System Requirements

Windows 7 or higher (must use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox)
Mac OS X 10.9 or higher
iPhone/iPad: iOS 9.3.5 or higher
Android phone/tablet: Android version 5.0 or higher
For the best user experience, we recommend using a device with a screen size of 7″ or larger.