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Innovations in Medical Education

Mission Statement
MedStudy creates integrated study systems that support medical professionals throughout every step of their careers. We focus on creating high-quality, innovative, easily-digestible products that can be adapted to customized learning plans based on the learner’s specific needs.

About MedStudy
From medical student training to residency training to Continuing Medical Education (CME), MedStudy produces study/review materials that target the professional development of physicians at every stage of their careers. With an expanding range of available products and more under development, we aim to bring our innovative approach to medical education to a growing audience of medical professionals.

MedStudy was founded in 1990 by Dr. Robert A. “Tony” Hannaman in response to the lack of concise and relevant study materials then available to physicians learning Internal Medicine and preparing for the ABIM boards. Before MedStudy entered the market, the only option was to wade through the standard tomes of Internal Medicine, comprising a vast amount of information with little focus. In creating the Internal Medicine Review Core Curriculum, Dr. Hannaman revolutionized the method of study with a product that focused concisely on the basics of Internal Medicine—with an easy-to-understand conversational tone. These basics of IM are what professional medical educators have determined “competent IM physicians should know,” which is also exactly what is tested by the Boards. Since then, MedStudy’s products have expanded to include fully “integrated study systems” for both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, in which each component is informed by, complements, and reinforces the other. These products meet the lifelong learning needs of doctors from medical school to residency to board certification to recertification to the ongoing need for CME.

Board Review
Our targeted integrated study system is widely regarded as the very best way to study for the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Boards. MedStudy’s approach offers several key advantages:

  1. The right focus: MedStudy content is rigorously board-relevant and focuses on what the ACGME considers necessary for all competent physician specialists to know. This is what is taught by residencies and tested by the Initial Certification and Recertification (MOC) Boards.
  2. Ease of review: The writing is conversational and understandable. The information is comprehensive yet manageable. By being informal yet concise with topics clearly explained, you are able to digest pertinent knowledge more quickly and recall it more reliably.
  3. Expertise: MedStudy lectures are given by doctors who are not only experts in their area but also expert teachers. The Core Curriculum content is thoroughly reviewed by multiple physician experts. MedStudy works with approximately 100 specialists and subspecialists from around the country. You can trust what you learn in MedStudy.
  4. Flexibility: You can choose from comprehensive course books, interactive question-and-answer tools, professionally produced DVDs or online videos, flash card exercises, or live courses. Custom-build an integrated learning system that works for you.
  5. It works for all! Year in and year out, the pass rates of MedStudy users exceed that of the test-taking group as a whole. MedStudy has itself been the key to a phenomenal jump in board exam pass rates over the last two decades. And when you use MedStudy for CME updates, you take home this same increase in knowledge, improving the care of your patients—which is of course the bottom line.
  6. Peace of mind for board-takers: By helping you master board-relevant knowledge and showing you just how exam-ready you are, MedStudy is your surest path to test-taking confidence. When you go into your exam with that kind of self-assurance, you lower your anxiety and just naturally do better.

Why not give yourself the MedStudy advantage today?

Disclaimer regarding ABIM. For over 20 years, MedStudy has excelled in determining and teaching what a clinically competent Internal Medicine physician should know. The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) tests this exact same pool of knowledge. MedStudy’s expertise, demonstrated by the superb pass rate of those who use it in their studies, is in the actual “teaching” of this knowledge in a clear, learner-friendly manner that results in a stronger knowledge base, improved clinical skills, and better Board results. Although what we teach is in sync with what the Boards test, MedStudy has no affiliation with the ABIM, and our authors, editors and reviewers have no access to ABIM exam content. Our material is developed as original work by MedStudy physician authors, with additional input from expert contributors, based on their extensive backgrounds in professional medical education. This content is designed to include subject matter typically tested in certification and recertification exams as outlined in the ABIM’s publicly available exam blueprints but makes no use of, and divulges no details of, ABIM’s proprietary exam content.