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Internal Medicine Immersive Review Course

“I was told by my program director that I had a high chance of not passing my boards due to poor inservice exam scores. I went to the MedStudy board review in Dallas. I really honed in on areas of weakness and went through the syllabus binder 3 times. I worked very hard, and thanks to MedStudy, I passed my boards!! It was such a great review! I felt very prepared for my test, and there were no ‘surprises.’ Everything I needed to know to pass was covered during the review course. I’m so thankful I attended this wonderful comprehensive review course. I highly recommend it!!!”

Anna Fuller, DO

Internal Medicine Immersive Review Course

“The course helped me to navigate through more info than I would have been able to get through on my own in 9 days. I felt the course allowed me to get through a ton of info in a short time and the misappropriated questions were more challenging and made me review info that I otherwise might have ignored.”

Latania Booker, MD


“This is my third certification and as frustrating as the process was, I only used MedStudy, and must credit you with my current and past successful passing.”

Richard Hernandez, MD

Video Board Review of Internal Medicine

“I LOVED this product. Being able to review these lectures at my own pace was what helped me pass this test. It filled in the gaps my residency didn’t teach and also gave me a nice overview.”

Darren Siedschlag, MD

Maintenance of Certification

“I used MedStudy the first time I took the internal medicine board exam and passed, so MedStudy was my go-to resource for materials to pass the recertification board exam. I think the Core Curriculum is excellently written in a comprehensive but manageable way with a focus on current practice guidelines which are tested on in the recertification exam.”

Richard Leigh-Pemberton, MD


Questions I missed were easy ones and specifically ones I changed from right to wrong. I know how much you emphasized not changing answers and I NEVER DO but for SOME REASON I DID ON THIS EXAM and I know this was the majority of what I missed. Thanks for emphasizing likelihood ratios, cataracts vs. glaucoma for night blindness, increasing synthroid before pregnancy, which meds increase risk of bleeding preop.”

Kirsten Nieto, MD

Internal Medicine Review Core Curriculum

“Loved the books. MKSAP is way too dense. Liked MedStudy’s highlighting and gray boxes—it made re-studying easy.”

Diane S Pine, MD

Video Board Review of Internal Medicine

“It was systematic and focused on high-yield things.”

Mazen Abusamaan, MD

Internal Medicine Accelerated Review Course

“Great speakers and excellent ability to point out the material most likely to appear the test.”

Phil Velderman, MD

Internal Medicine Core Scripts Flash Cards

“I think the Core Scripts Flash Cards helped to gel all the information I obtained from the Core Curriculum into identifiable patterns. MedStudy’s Core Curriculum and Core Scripts Flash Cards were the most helpful resources I used to study for and pass the Boards.”

Jessie Lee Copeland, Jr., MD


I used a combination of the books as well as subscription to the question bank to fill my knowledge gaps. I felt like these were valuable tools which really got me prepared. What a fantastic product. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the care taken to put together this material. When I got that “pass” notification in the email, I was so happy, and owe it in part to these study materials.”

Blase Hennessy , MD

Maintenance of Certification

“Exam preparation takes time commitment, period! Anyone who does not pass was not properly prepared, either from procrastination or lack of basic knowledge. Anyone who reviews the Core Curriculum books two to three times will pass.”

Jeannette Cho, MD

Maintenance of Certification

“Awesome! MedStudy completely prepared me for the Pediatrics recertification exam.”

William R. Utley, MD

Osteopathic boards

“I took the osteopathic recertification boards and was slightly nervous because there wasn’t much information from MedStudy from other DOs. It’s just as good for the osteopathic test!! Thank you, MedStudy!!”

Erin Fish, DO

How MedStudy Influenced Practice in Internal Medicine

“I felt the Nephrology and Pulmonary Core books and review courses helped me because I needed reviews on acid-base disorders and electrolyte problems, and the Pulmonary section explained how to approach blood gas problems and critical care issues in an easily understood way. I’ve used the ID section when figuring out which antibiotics to use in treating hospital patients with complicated infections. I also refer to the Hematology sections in working up anemias and thrombocytopenias.”

Gail K. Farrar, MD

Maintenance of Certification

“I thought the MOC exam had a good balance of general pediatrics. Many of the questions were very easy. There were some crazy off the wall questions that frustrated me but I think they may have been experimental questions.”

Eileen Neff, MD

Customer Feedback on ABP Boards

“I decided not to diddle around with the pediatrics exam, which is notorious for difficulty and lower pass rate. I went straight for a MedStudy-based strategy. I went into the exam feeling pretty well prepared (though believe me, until I got that result email a few weeks ago, my confidence was definitely shaken by the experience of taking the exam). I passed the famously ‘harder’ test (and it WAS harder) after taking it only ONCE!”

Johann Torres, MD

Customer Feedback on ABP Boards

“The more questions you can do, the more prepared you will be for the exam. The Peds board is notorious for being a tough exam and MedStudy is, hands down, the most thorough and reliable study tool.”

Jennifer Quinlan, DO

Personal Trainer

“The Personal Trainer emails from Dr. Hannaman helped tremendously with organizing the overwhelming number of topics to cover. I found the timeline to be perfect for me.”

Ronald Coleman, Jr., DO

Personal Trainer

I just got my pediatrics board results and I passed! Thank you for the help and guidance, especially with Personal Trainer. The assistance in keeping me on schedule really helped as the date of the exam approached. Continue the good work!”

Sherryl Gordon, MD

Video Board Review of Pediatrics

“I found that the speakers on the videos were great about emphasizing high yield topics. I also really enjoyed the format of the syllabus included with the videos, and I made notes as I watched the videos so I could go back and study the syllabus later.”

Jessica Wallenmeyer, MD

Video Board Review of Pediatrics

Being able to stop, rewind, and repeat sticky material is always a good thing.”

Patrick F. Randolph, MD, MS

Pediatrics Flashcards

“Wonderful learning tool that I did not have to create. Easy to take and test yourself with a few minutes. On hand.”

Kristen Scullin, MD

Pediatrics Board-Style Q&As

“MedStudy Q&A Premium helped via the repetition of working through questions and the immediate feedback on strengths, weaknesses and progress.”

Dana Keys-Frezzell, MD

Pediatrics Board-Style Q&As

“The Q&As were a very good add-on to the Core because the questions were structured the way the Boards ask theirs.”

Maria Ordinario. MD

Pediatrics Review Core Curriculum

I found the questions on each page useful as it ensured I was actually getting what I was reading and not tuning out for several pages.”

Kelly Nation, MD

Pediatrics Review Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum was easy to read and broken down into five nicely sized books that are easy to travel with. They contain a wealth of information that helped me prepare for the board exam.”

Shamika Hudson, MD


“I spent hundreds of hours doing PREP questions and was unsuccessful two years in a row. I put in a lot of time with MedStudy, and it was worth every second!”

Christine Bong, MD, MPH

Feedback from Med-Peds Practitioners

“I used MedStudy 10 years ago in preparing for the internal medicine boards. This time I used it to prepare for Peds recertification and was VERY pleased. Thankfully, the Peds recertification exam is more geared toward everyday clinical practice, so there was not as much of the rare diseases on my recertification exam, although there were 1–2 cases. Thanks so much, MedStudy. I passed without any difficulty and made a very high score; but even more than that, during my several months of review, there were changes in practice that had occurred in the past 10 years which I was able to adapt to my practice.”

Jori L. Shaffer, MD

Feedback from Med-Peds Practitioners

“MedStudy products were the only things I used, and I found them all useful. I used MedStudy for internal medicine as well and found them a great help. Would never use anything else! They have everything you need in very user-friendly formats.”

Hannah Shelby-Kennedy, MD