Master the Most Important Heart Sounds

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Now you can master the most important heart sounds with this dynamic online application. MedStudy Heart Sounds lets you listen to and learn about each sound, watch animations that illustrate what you hear, and test yourself on what you have learned. Detailed descriptions and explanations provide thorough understanding of each sound and animation.


S3 split

Now you can hear normal heart sounds and common added sounds such as S and S, as well as the four major valvular disorders.


The Cardiac Cycle

You’ll be able to visualize the mechanisms behind each sound with relevant phonocardiograms and clarifying animations.


The Big Four

Our program gives you invaluable practice comparing and distinguishing the subtle differences between similar sounds.


Heart Sounds Quiz

When you take our sounds quiz, you’ll strengthen recall and test your knowledge.

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Sounds and Topics Include:

The cardiac cycle
Normal heart sounds
Added sounds
Aortic stenosis
Mitral regurgitation
Review of systolic murmurs
Aortic regurgitation
Mitral stenosis
Mitral valve prolapse
The Austin Flint murmur
Review of diastolic murmurs
Clinical cases
Sounds quiz carousel

System Requirements >

Online access is required while using the MedStudy Heart Sounds program. Use of headphones is advised for the best listening experience.